Letter from Hants White

Dear Friends, The paragraphs that follow are my personal beliefs and observations about these marvelous devices, as seen over the many years that I have been marketing them. ProOrthotics™ by Hants White, LLC
Dynamic Orthotic Arch Supports™
 are special. As the user walks on these insoles, the foot gradually conforms to them. These insoles do not fit the foot, they correct the foot, then support the foot in a corrected condition. In the process, they take care of the problems created in the foot and the body while the foot was not properly supported.

These Dynamic Orthotic Arch Supports™ do not transmit the temperature from the sidewalk to the feet. They act somewhat like an insulator. They help neutralize the temperature, whether hot or cold. Consequently, they are comfortable temperature-wise.

These inserts have bounce, so they massage the feet while the user walks. It pumps at the arch each step taken and helps to promote blood circulation. I believe the benefits from this are many. Our DOAS are made from a proprietary blend of the highest quality materials. They have a soft touch, good flexibility properties along with superior energy damping capabilities as well as a long and satisfactory life expectancy. They are proudly produced in the USA. I have seen them in their twenty-eighth year of use and still as active as when new, so the users told me.

DOAS push the foot back up into the
position the foot should be in. They put to work the arch, which probably hasn't been properly functioning for years past. The weight of the body is distributed evenly on the foot as it should be. Pressure is taken off the heretofore overloaded and tender spots. This brings relief from distress, painful corns, bunions, spurs, plantar fasciitis, calluses, etc. I hear this over and over from those who purchase ProOrthotics™ by Hants White, LLC Dynamic Orthotic Arch Supports™
A nest of several bones are in the metatarsal, so I've been informed. They can all move out of place when the foot settles. A nerve can be pinched when this happens, which can cause distress, even excruciating pain to most any part of the body -- like the head, neck, shoulders, back, hips, knees, legs, you name it.

As the Dynamic Orthotic Arch Supports™ push the foot back to where it should be and supports it there, those out-of-place bones automatically move back to where they should be, so they are not putting any pressure on any nerves, muscles, cords or sinews. Relief from distress is the result.

Some folks have told me almost unbelievable stories. Some have said they were scheduled for a back or hip operation when they discovered and purchased these devices. The distress left and they cancelled the operation, they tell me. The way I hear is usually much the same. The user experiences some foot relief almost as soon as they step on the Dynamic Orthotic Arch Supports™ they usually say that all distress is gone within a few weeks after they start using
ProOrthotics™ by Hants White, LLC Dynamic Orthotic Arch Supports™.

I have fitted thousands of people in the many years I've been selling them and have found the satisfaction ration to be almost 100%. Many are elated. Some folks say they were a wheelchair candidate when they discovered these devices but are walking fine now. Others say that they would have been forced to retire from their job had they not found and purchased them. They are still working on their feet all day with help from ProOrthotics™ by Hants White, LLC Dynamic Orthotic Arch Supports™.

Sincerely,   Hants White

At Hants White, LLC / ProOrthotics, LLC. we do not diagnose, prescribe or fill prescriptions. For serious foot related problems, please consult your physician. Use of products and information provided herein is at the clients’ sole discretion.

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