flat feet plantar fasciitis planter fascitisPlantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the plantar fascia stretching from the heel underneath the sole. When stress is present this can cause the tissue to pull away from the heel bone and calcium can build up to form the heel spurs. With plantar fasciitis, the pain generally occurs first thing in the morning as you put your foot down to the floor and again in the evening after a period of rest. It is when applying weight onto the inflamed tissue causing the heel spurs to dig into tender tissue, that creates the pain.

Some causes of plantar fasciitis are standing for long periods of time on your feet, being overweight, and a lack of a good arch support, keeping the arches in alignment. Stretching of the Plantar Fascia first thing in the morning can help to reduce and eliminate the pain, along with taking periods of rest. Ice after activity and taping or wrapping of the arch can help. The most aggressive treatment is an arch support system to hold your arches in alignment creating balance with every step you take. The design of ProOrthotics Dynamic Orthotic Arch Supports™ is such that when walking these insoles support the arches and keeps the continued stretching action as you walk, at the same time these orthotics remove the pressure from the heels and bears the weight in the middle of the arches. The success of this insole has been tremendous for the healing of plantar fasciitis.

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