Warrantee & Guarantee

Mr. White has astonished many with his low prices, honesty and integrity, as well as  great service with ProOrthotics™ by Hants White, LLC Dynamic Orthotic Arch Supports™  over the last many years. Now we (his daughter and grandson) continue that tradition of integrity with a common sense manufacturer’s warranty and a wearability guarantee that are both customer-friendly and very easy to understand!

Manufacturer’s Warranty
At Hants White, LLC, we'll do everything possible to make sure our customers are happy with their ProOrthotics™ by Hants White, LLC Dynamic Orthotic Arch Supports™ . With that in mind, we offer the following… ...“If ProOrthotics™ Dynamic Orthotic Arch Supports™  ever fail from defects in workmanship /materials or from structural collapse, we will replace them immediately, free of charge, for a lifetime."

Wearability Guarantee
Hants White, LLC offers a Money Back Guarantee when you have made a good faith effort to follow the wearing instructions and you return your foot prints, your sales receipt and your ProOrthotics™ Dynamic Orthotic Arch Supports™  to Hants White, LLC within six months. In such cases we will cheerfully refund half of your purchase price.

If you have any questions/suggestions regarding Hants White, LLC’s Warranty / Guarantee policies, please do not hesitate to EMail us at HantsWhite1@aol.com  or phone us at 207.429.9786. We
welcome your questions and comments.

There are many foot care products to choose from, but none will do for you what ProOrthotics™ by Hants White, LLC will do; they are simply the most natural method to walk away Foot / Back Pain.

At Hants White, LLC / ProOrthotics, LLC. we do not diagnose, prescribe or fill prescriptions. For serious foot related problems, please consult your physician. Use of products and information provided herein is at the clients’ sole discretion.

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