Philosophy of Hants White

The following is my philosophy on how the foot controls the body and works with the body as well as how ProOrthotics™ by Hants White, LLC Dynamic Orthotic Arch Supports™ cooperate with the foot while the foot is doing its work.

All our problems in the foot (unless they are caused by a birth defect or an accident) are caused by the fact that we were designed to go in bare feet on soft ground. We do the opposite; we are on hard surfaces continually, which causes the foot to settle, which in turn adversely affects the feet, legs and spinal chain.

Dynamic Orthotic Arch Supports™ are flexible and pump at the arch each step we take, helping the heart keep the blood flowing, which benefits the whole body and helps circulation. This stops burning feet and also helps with gout problems by picking up the pockets of uric acid which have settled while the movement of the blood was slower.

When the foot settles in the longitudinal arch, cords, tendons and muscles can stretch, nerves can be pinched and bones can move and press each other. The cord which controls the big toe can get stressed, causing the big toe to turn inward and the joint to jut outward, forming a bunion. It could be surgically removed, but the cause is still there and the bunion is apt to come back. My insoles lift the arches, relieving tension on the stressed cords; the big toe relaxes and the joints settle a bit. The result is instant relief from bunion distress and more and more comfort each day from the beginning of use of my inserts.

Same way with spurs. My DOAS take the excessive weight off the spurs. Relief to some degree is realized as soon as the wearer starts using ProOrthotics™ by Hants White, LLC Dynamic Orthotic Arch Supports™
and all the soreness is gone within a few weeks. The calcium buildup which caused the spurs dissipates and is absorbed by the blood, ridding the sufferer of both the spurs and their cause.

Same with Morton's Neuroma. My insoles lift and support the longitudinal arch, taking the excessive weight off the metatarsal arch. The bones in the metatarsal arch settle back into place, no longer pinching the nerve which caused Morton's Neuroma.

The shin bone is the foundation upon which the spine depends. When the foot settles in the longitudinal arch it allows the foundation to settle and the spinal chain does not get the support it needs. When a sufferer with spinal problems starts wearing ProOrthotics™ by Hants White, LLC Dynamic Orthotic Arch Supports™, the longitudinal arch is aligned and the spinal chain is properly supported. The knee, hip, back, shoulders and neck joints which were out of balance now fall back into place. The ball joints are now sitting squarely into the sockets. The cartilages which were damaged heal themselves when the pressure and friction is taken away. The wearer has a balanced spine and comfort.

Above is my personal observation and opinions. THEY WORK!

Hants White

At Hants White, LLC / ProOrthotics, LLC. we do not diagnose, prescribe or fill prescriptions. For serious foot related problems, please consult your physician. Use of products and information provided herein is at the clients’ sole discretion.

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