An excessively high arch also called an instep on the bottom of the foot.  High arches run from the toes to the heel. There is a great deal of stress placed upon the foot between the ankles and the toes which tend to cause pain. It is also very common for claw toes or hammer toes to develop with high arches. Individuals with high arches usually need an orthotic to stabilize the foot. 

ProOrthotics Dynamic Orthotic Arch Supports™ are ideal tools for this problem where as they center the weight so that it corrects the balance of the foot not allowing the foot to turn to the outside, called supination, which is very common problem for people with high arches. These appliances also give the needed support for the high arches as well as taking the pressure off from the forefoot and toes, preventing the gripping action that can lead to the claw or hammer toes.

Another common problem with high arches is the difficulty in fitting shoes.  An ideal shoe is one where the shoe has a long vamp that can be pulled further down to allow the room needed to insert the foot.

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