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Flat Feet (also referred to as Low Arches) are a result of an arch or instep of the foot that has collapsed and touches the standing surface, also known as a fallen arch or pronation of the foot. The fallen arches are a result of a weakening tendon that is responsible for shaping the arch. When this occurs it causes a problem with the alignment of the four arches, being the Metatarsal Arch, Inner and Outer Longitudinal Arch, and the Transverse Arch.

Symptoms of a flat foot are, the appearance of the foot to be flat; pain and swelling can occur with flat feet, as well as the development of corns and calluses. Lower back, hip, knee and ankle pain is very common with flat feet, because once the alignment has been compromised this can create a host of problems.  Another problem is the break down of the footwear. The shoe will show uneven wear towards the inside of the foot.

There are two types of flat feet. Flexible flat foot, which does have some arch which appears when the individual flexes the feet or stands on the toes. This type of flat foot is a normal condition and generally does not cause pain or need treatment. The inflexible flat foot, is a foot that is stiff, inflexible, causing pain. May be the result of a bone abnormality in the foot, an injury or disease ( Diabetes or Rheumatoid Arthritis ). Also, age, obesity, and pregnancy can cause the flat foot condition.

ProOrthotics Dynamic Orthotic Arch Supports™ align the four arches of the foot, taking the stress off from the joints, as well as supplying a strong support base that can offer the relief of lower back, hips, knees, and ankle strain.

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